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Raja kreatif born in 2019. When the 3 of founder meet in WordPress Meetup Surabaya. Now, we already have 10 teams and 3 division.


Since Raja Kreatif born, we mainly focus on digital marketing, internet marketing, and web development.

In 2021, we believe this year internet will change O2O (Offline to Online) greatly, we help you build your online business, make a great presence of you, and help you make your dream come true.

It’s really good to have social media. Still, it would be great if you have a website as well, this will tell so much more about you or your company and product/service you offer.


Having an offline business is a great thing. When you want to expand your business to the online, you don’t need to deal with technical stuff, SEO, and any other thing you might don’t understand. Here we can help you solve this. You can focus more on your business.

sinar hadi wijaya

Sinar Hadi Wijaya

Founder, CEO

aris setiawan

Aris M. Setiawan

Co-Founder, CTO

raja kreatif

La Ode Sharil

Co-Founder, CMO

Abil Ash Sidieq

Imamudin A. S.

Designer & Video director

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